My Big Announcement

Later in June I will be heading off to Porto in Portugal to start my biggest journey to date.

I am going to be undertaking the Camino de Santiago.  Wheeling from Porto in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  

This really is a big journey and also a very important fundraiser for Parkinsons UK.

The journey will be something over 150 miles but in the spirit of pilgrimage I won’t know how far or indeed when the end will be until I do it. 

I have various options for the route, I’ll start at the Cathedral in Porto and initially follow the coast but then may divert inland to experience the villages and higher ground.  I then have the option of returning to the coast to follow the Camino Spiritual or continuing direct to Santiago.  I may end in Santiago or continue to Finstra, it will depend on how I feel and when I feel the pilgrimage is over.  

My internal reasons behind this trip are to work on my mental health, experience other cultures, meet people from all over the world and gain a sense of achievement. 

The other huge reason is my dad!  He has Parkinsons and during the pandemic we’ve seen a huge dip in his abilities.  He is amazing and completed his own challenge recently when we took a trip up Orest Head in the Lake District, dad in the powerchair, me in the manual and my mother also made a huge achievement in walking to the top!  So I want to raise money for Parkinsons UK, for people to get support and to help fund research in this debilitating condition.  

This trip will have a lower daily mileage than previous challenges, however the personal challenge is no less. I will be traveling alone. This will be my first trip abroad in 15 years and my second as a wheelchair user, first trip solo!  I will be staying in pilgrim hostels and living as basically as I can.  

Please come on this journey with me.  Due to the spiritual nature I might not be replying to your comments immediately but I will be providing updates via the WheelieMum page as frequently as possible.  If you can show your support on the page and by supporting Parkinsons UK.