Wheelchair User’s 12 Hour Charity Challenge Supports Local Business in Carlisle


For Immediate Release Wednesday 26 May 2021

Wheelchair User’s 12 Hour Charity Challenge Supports Local Business in Carlisle

On Wednesday 26th May Carol Hall will complete a 12 mile / 12 hour/ 12 Business Charity run for Young Minds and Diabetes UK. She hopes to raise money for these two important charities whilst also showcasing Carlisle and some of the small businesses who make it such a great place to live and visit. 

Starting at 9am Carol will set off from a business or organisation, wheel for one mile until she reaches her next stop.  At each stop she’ll talk to the manager and learn more about what is on offer and how they make their services available to disabled people before moving along to the next location.

This is just the latest charity challenge for Carol. She started these challenges back in September as a way to get fit and lose weight whilst helping the wider community.  Her first challenge was 30 miles in one month for refugees, her most recent was one was 32 miles in one go! She’s come a long way in all senses having also lost a whopping 50kg since August. Carol blogs her progress and adventures under the Name WheelieMum on facebook, youtube and her website.

The charities are very personally important to Carol, through her work as a volunteer mentor she’s seen first hand the effect of the pandemic on young people and wants to ensure they have the resources to cope and become more Resilient.  Whilst she is not diabetic, diabetes was a very real possibility given her need to lose weight and lifestyle.  


Carol, now age 50, realised 17 years as an electric wheelchair user was taking a terrible toll on her health and so in August, age 49, she started to address this. By the time she turned 50 in October she was already wheeling 10km.



Regarding why chose this challenge Carol said “This was to be my come back run following a shoulder injury and it’s my way of supporting both my community locally and people in the wider community in need of the charities services”.


Regarding choosing to use her videos to support local business Carol said “The owner and workers are my neighbours, Carlisle is my city.  The pandemic has hurt many small businesses and so I want to help my neighbours show off their services and come out of this pandemic far stronger than they went into it. 

Wayne Donough of Well Done Solutions (disability equipment store) said “I have know Carol since she approached me with an unusual request to attempt to get into the mountains with a powerchair, As a disabled person and parent of a disabled child myself  Well Done Solutions are delighted to support Carol and her Charities and look forward to showing off our products and services”

In the run up to this event Carol’s training was interrupted due to a caster on the wheelchair breaking but in true Cumbrian style this will not deter her.  The chair is to be fixed this Friday just in time to enable her to complete the challenge.  Carol said “Nothing is going to stop me completing this run.  I am grateful to everyone who is helping me get the chair back functional.  The charities and Carlisle are too important to cancel at this stage”

This event runs from 9am to 9pm on Wednesday 26 May. Visit Carol’s website for links to the donation pages and to see the schedule for the day: where Carol will be and when.

Additional Information

Website: www.WheelieMum.org.uk

Diabetes Uk Fundraiser: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wheeliemum

Young Minds Fundraiser: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wheeliemumyoungminds

Contact: Carol Hall 07419775133 Carol@WheelieMum.org.uk

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