The Kindness of Strangers

Feeling utterly despondent after yet another fairly major failure of the wheelchair I posted in ‘The Conquerer Community’ on facebook. This is a group of people who undertake virtual challenges with the company ‘My Virtual Misson.

I wrote how devastated I felt at the broken front fork and how I felt like giving up. With a little over a week to go to my next big charity challenge, I was feeling utterly lost.

The overwhelming response was “keep going”, and to remind me how far I had come. The other response was not just to suggest I started a go fund me but also multiple offers to start one. I akwardly accepted one of these offers.

We are now a couple of hours on from that go fund me starting and I want to share with you the incredible kindness of these strangers. None of them know me, other than by the videos I share.

That fundraiser is already at £1675! I honestly cannot beleive people are so happy to help me.

For me this means the world. My chair is simply not up to the hammer I give it. It wouldn’t have been when new, never mind given it is an ill fitting second hand chair. What none of these people know, and no one did until you read it now but with the chair now being too wide for me I dangerously slide around in it on side cambers and it has given me some rather worrying sores which I already have a doctors appointment to discuss and so to be able to get a suitable chair is going to mean everything. I will be able to continue on this incredible fitness journey and do so much more safely than before.

Here is a link to that fundraiser but if you cannot donate or would rather donate to one of my chosen charities I am still very grateful for your support.

I am overwhelmed by all the support I receive whether in this practical way or just by reading my site and watching my videos.

Lots of love, and very sincere thanks


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