How Can I Improve This?

Here is my current wheelchair set up. I am wanting to improve this. Primarily I’d like to bring the centre of gravity forward when I am carrying more than the essentials. Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve? I will talk you through what I currently have and see what you think


On the front I have two cycle bags, two camera mounts and a waterbottle holder. I find them hard to open and close and hard to find the items in them without dropping everything on the ground. They store


  • Phone
  • Power Bank
  • Charger wires
  • Hand tape and knife
  • Spare gloves
  • Mask
  • A couple of snacks
  • Bank card, bus pass, WheelieMum Card, Cash









I will probably need another powerbank and if possible (though I don’t think it’s possible) I could do to have a map on the front because my phone is hard to see.

Under the seat is where I would like to add more storage.  At the moment I have a first aid kit and some basic tools and puncture repair kit.  I am very open to suggestions on how to add underseat storage

The back of the chair has a shoulder bag where I have spare camera batteries, more snacks, my waterproof and anything I think I will need fairly to hand during a run

Under the WeelieMum bag is a cycle panier containing spare clothes and has space for any luggage and it’s where any shopping goes.   

Do you have an ideas on how I can improve the under seat storage? it would be great if my additional clothing could go under there along with the first aid items to bring the centre of gravity forward and free up the big back back for shopping or items for overnight trips. 

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