April Exercise Challenge

Join the family and get a little more active during April. I am inviting you to join the community and complete 30 somethings during April. We have a facebook group established to encourage each other and joining is totally free. If you want a beautiful bespoke medal they will be available at a small cost with any excess money going to the charities (Diabetes UK and YoungMinds)

What will you do?
30 Miles
30 Days of 30 Wall pushups
30 up and down the stairs
Something else.

I am going to visit 30 parks and open spaces within the month. You can choose anything that is wthin your ability. You do not need to be disabled and powerchair users are welcome too. What you do is entirely your choice.

Download your record card for your 30 day challenge:

Please use the download buttons to get your own copy to complete

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